Fellow Regentonians, Christmas is a time of Goodwill, Celebration and Thanksgiving as we adorn the birth of the Saviour of the world.


It is therefore incumbent of me as Chair for the year 2011/2012, to wish you all a blessed and purposeful Christmas Festivities.


The year 2011 has been one of challenges, Adventure and I dear say Success. It is no surprise that as an organisation we have to contend with all of the above, but what is of grave importance is how we deal with the challenges, maintain our high Standards and sort more ways to improve where necessary.


At this Juncture I will like to specially thank the past executive for their immeasurable hard work and dedication. Thanks also to all those who make it to meetings month after month. All that we have achieved is a culmination of our consolidated efforts, brotherly love and Unity.


While we celebrate the joys of Christmas, I will like to remember all Regentonians in the UK and elsewhere in the world who have had a difficult year either in sickness or otherwise. This may have hampered your contribution to the School, but we trust and believe that your contribution is in spirit and we thank God for that.


Memories also to our departed members. May their Souls Rest In Peace.


Now it is time to look ahead. The year 2012 is just round the corner with its Challenges and demands. With the right attitude, motivation and togetherness I am in no doubt that our Goals will be achieved. Our school motto is always there to guide and direct us. So let us Go forward, let us press on and let us pursue success with hard work, dedication and Love.


On behalf of the Executive I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a bright and Prosperous New Year.



Cyril Showers