Message from Rowland Awoonor Gordon - Chairman 2016-2018

Chairman's Welcome Message 

Dear Regentonians,

Welcome to the website of the Sierra Leone Grammar School Old Boys Association UK branch.

As former pupils of the oldest school in sub-sahara Africa, we are bonded by the title ‘Regentonians’ and our motto διώκω meaning ‘I Pursue’, ‘I Press On’. I therefore hope that you will use this website to connect with other Regentonians and in particular friends you may have been in school with.

As some of you may be aware, at our September 2016 AGM, I was elected to serve as Chair of the Sierra Leone Grammar School Old Boys Association (UK). I have served the association for a number of years in various capacities and most recently was Chair of the board of trustees, the charity arm of the organisation. This new role offers a new challenge for me.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the previous executive members who have strived relentlessly to shape our organisation and have left a strong legacy that we will continue to build on.

As many of you will know, our school is an independent school and is therefore responsible for its own policies, arrangements for school fees, teachers' salaries, etc and with no government subsidy, we as former students, need to do everything possible to provide a framework to support the school board, teachers and pupils of the school.

As a charity, our main objectives include the advancement of education through the provision of scholarship grants, payment of fees; teaching aid, laboratory and recreation equipment for pupils who otherwise cannot afford such services, however, beyond the support to the school, we also aim to provide financial relief in cases of need, hardship or distress to alumni or their dependants.

With all this said, my vision of a strong alumni association is one in which all Regentonians play a part however small, and in recognition of the sacrifices others have made for us since the founding of the school in 1845, that we contribute in one way or another, however small to the continued flourishing of our alma mater for generations yet unborn.

So I invite you to attend our meetings and our events as well as to visit our webpages or follow us on Facebook. I plead with all of you to get involved in the association and to help recruit other Regentonians you may come across.
Floreat Regentonia
God Bless our Grammar School
Rowland Awoonor Gordon (8141)
Chairman SLGSOBAUK Branch